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Flexibility is the central tenet of all my teaching. If you need guidance or advice about how to go forward with your writing, I will find a way to help you.


Given your unique needs, I will suggest a structure for our time together, or you can design your own course of study. We can work by the project or by the hour. In that spirit, the fee structure varies from project to project.


I edit manuscripts of poetry and prose, as I have done for decades.


Full-length manuscript of poems, up to 80 pages: $1,000

Chapbook manuscript of poems, up to 40 pages: $600

Batch of up to ten pages of poems:  $350


Memoir or other non-fiction is invoiced by the hour:

$65/per hour, or by the project. 


I offer writing tutorials, 2-month sessions where you can design the course to reflect your needs, and enlist my help as often as you wish.  You can focus on writing and revising, or on craft lessons and some writing, or a combination of the two. Or, we can arrive at a structure that satisfies your unique requirements. The pacing determines the frequency of our work together, which is entirely up to you.  


Two-Month Session: $800

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